Sometimes the Simplest Ideas Can have a profound Effect.

Nearly 20 years ago,there wasn’t a lot of discussion about organic farming. Even the idea that we ought to think about where our food came from seemed a bit eccentric and old-fashioned.
Since then there’s been a sea change in attitudes. From organic and fair trade to school meals and sustainable farming, everyone has an opinion about food. Every part of the process, meanwhile, from growing, producing, transporting, promoting and selling food is under scrutiny like never before.
Our Kegan Udyan Good Food Charter sets out the things we believe in so you'll know that everything we sell lives up to the standards you expect of us. Put simply, we are committed to making sure that every one of our products is good, does good and tastes good
IS GOOD a smaller environmental footprint as a result of more locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, and less packaging and other waste.
DOES GOOD provides a fair deal for the people who grow and make the food and generates funds for good causes.
TASTE GOOD made from the finest organic and natural ingredients, using sound animal husbandry and traditional crop rotation